Drive and Survive
Driving 3hrs from UK
Driving 74lb+ carp
Driving 5 lakes
Driving angler facilities
Driving fresh lake bait

Drive and survive carp fishing in France

Drive and survive carp fishing in France at any of our 5 carp lakes you'll find the fish are pristine condition with regular stocking taking place where needed each year. Fishing holidays at Bill's Lakes is now well established with the carp getting huge with massive weight gains being recorded in all 5 lakes so there's something for every type of angler.

With five lakes to choose from, we can offer what ever you need from your carp fishing holiday in France from the “hermit” anglers who just want to switch off and lose themselves in their fishing, to family groups or friends who want to make memories as they fish, we have something for everyone.

All the lakes are generously stocked with carp to over 50lb and as we are very easy to get to by motorway and are only 200 miles from Calais you can be confident that your carp holiday at any one of Bill's Lakes is going to be well organised, well managed and more importantly well stocked with stunning hard fighting big carp.

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