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Bill's Lake 1 - Carp Photos
14 acres, 10 anglers carp to 72lb+

May 2013
Peter Melis 31lb 4oz  using BLS from The Point
31lb 4oz
May 2013
Dave Ashfords 56lb 8oz  using BLS from Bench
56lb 8oz
May 2013
Leon Woodcocks 43lb  using BLS from Bench
April 2013
Linda Hoekstras 41lb 15oz  using Bls / Cell from Bench
41lb 15oz
April 2013
Pieter Hoekstras 45lb 2oz  using Cell Pop Up from Bench
45lb 2oz
April 2013
Pieter Hoekstras 34lb 1oz  using Cell pop up from Bench
34lb 1oz
March 2013
Danny Boys 34lb  using worm cocktail from Poachers
November 2012
Steves 57lb 14oz  using bls from Poachers
57lb 14oz
November 2012
Steves 37lb 6oz  using Toffee & Walnut from Poachers
37lb 6oz
November 2012
Steves 49lb 12oz  using Tange Twist from Poachers
49lb 12oz
October 2012
Adrian Pollingtons 41lb 8oz  using Coconut grubs from Number 1
41lb 8oz
October 2012
Adrian Pollingtons 42lb 13oz  using coconut grubs from Number 1
42lb 13oz
October 2012
Simon s 25lb 3oz  using Cell from Number 1
25lb 3oz
October 2012
Simon s 20lb 8oz  using Cell from Number 1
20lb 8oz
October 2012
Simon s 23lb 9oz  using Cell from Number 1
23lb 9oz
October 2012
Simon WELSHBOYs 30lb 7oz  using Cell from Number 1
30lb 7oz
October 2012
Neil Parkers 33lb 2oz  using tiger nut from Bench
33lb 2oz
September 2012
Glen Traceys 55lb 10oz  using Tiger nut from Number 1
55lb 10oz
September 2012
Glen Traceys 39lb  using Fake maize from Bench
September 2012
Fabian Posts 55lb 5oz  using bls peperami pop up from Bench
55lb 5oz