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Bill's Lake 1 - Carp Photos
14 acres, 10 anglers carp to 72lb+

October 2010
Neville Greens 52lb  using corn from Bench
September 2010
Bombers 21lb  using The Cell from Treetops
September 2010
Neil Harriss 32lb  using The Cell from Treetops
August 2010
Connor Simes 44lb  using bls from Poachers
August 2010
Tony Mabbs 37lb 12oz  using tiger nut from number one
37lb 12oz
August 2010
Tony Mabbs 38lb 13oz  using peach&mango from Number 1
38lb 13oz
August 2010
Dougies 52lb 14oz  using BLS from Poachers
52lb 14oz
July 2010
Jonny Drapers 50lb 5oz  using BLS from Number 1
50lb 5oz
July 2010
Clive Blackwells 53lb 9oz  using cell from Poachers
53lb 9oz
June 2010
Ben Hewers 56lb 9oz  using maple tipped tiger from
56lb 9oz
June 2010
Alex Mabire (LAKE RECORD)s 66lb 4oz  using Bills Lake Specials from Number 1
66lb 4oz
June 2010
Bob Oskins!s 26lb 5oz  using BLS from Number 1
26lb 5oz
June 2010
Bob Oskins! Aka Roy Rodgerss 51lb 3oz  using Lassoed !!!!!!!! from Number 1
51lb 3oz
June 2010
Bob Oskins!s 52lb 1oz  using Foul Hooked!!!!!! from Number 1
52lb 1oz
June 2010
Bob Oskins!s 20lb  using BLS from Number 1
June 2010
Bob Oskins!s 31lb 1oz  using tickled under chin from Number 1
31lb 1oz
June 2010
Bob Oskins!s 39lb 14oz  using BLS from Number 1
39lb 14oz
June 2010
Bob Oskins!s 41lb 12oz  using BLS from Number 1
41lb 12oz
June 2010
Bob Oskins!s 46lb 12oz  using Gaffed ! from Number 1
46lb 12oz
June 2010
Nev Greens 33lb 6oz  using Peach&Mangobb from Treetops
33lb 6oz