Bill's Lake 2

Fishing Tips

Bills top tip for this lake is to be quiet and set your camp up away from the waters’ edge, there is plenty of room to do so! A lot of fish come from overhanging margins and fishing tight to these will produce results. The use of a baitboat on this lake is highly recommended for accurate bait placement.

Fishing to the bar at ¾ distance using Zig rigs can be effective if the margins aren’t producing that day. This lake does not respond to huge beds of bait, we recommend fishing over chopped boilies and/or particles on a little and often basis. Patience will pay, recast your rods just once a day.Yellow baits and toppers for snowman rigs work very well on all the lakes.It is always worth putting a rod close in at night when all is quiet.

French Carp Lakes

Below is a list of tackle that we recommend you use when at Bill's Lakes to give you the best chance of catching and landing big French carp.

  • Rods - 2.5lb to 3.5lb test curve rods.
  • Line - 15lbs line mono, No braided main line. Make sure your spools are full up!
  • End Tackle - 2-4oz leads, size 2/4/6/8/ hooks (strong pattern e.g FOX XS/ Nash Fang ES).
  • Marker Rod - Make sure you know what your fishing over.
  • Safety Weigh Sling - Nash/Trakker etc.
  • Weigh Tripod - (Daiwa/Cygnet) We supply these f.o.c on the double swims on Bill's Lake 1.
  • Proper Scales - Rubens Heatons.
Caught from the margins

Bait Boat Hire

Available to hire at Bill's Lake are Angling Technic Maicrocat MK3 bait boats. We have 5 of these available including a set of fully charged boat batteries and their own solar panels for you to keep them topped up. These are very popular and are booked on a first come, first served basis and as we only have 5 available make sure you reserve them for your holiday as early as possible.

Microcat Mk3


We now supply the boat hire with a solar panel to keep the batteries topped up while you're not using them.

Bait boat Hire

These are excellent for all baits including particles. Features include...

  1. Twin bait hoppers that can be individually or simultaneously opened.
  2. Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse - spins on its own axis
  3. Remote lighting control - control the lighting at range
  4. Weight : 9kg
  5. Bait capacity : 2kg
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Booking a Holiday

It's simple to get your carp fishing holiday sorted

Our holiday availability is live on our website so select your anglers and date and you can get an instant answer on screen back in seconds.

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