Carp Holiday FAQ's

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Take a look at some questions that we often get asked. If you can't find the answer here then please email us on or take a look at our Facebook page where lots of questions get answered by our customers.

Q. How old do I have to be to fish at Bill's Lakes?

you are fishing with a gardian then there is no age limit.

Q. Do you offer the food option on all the Lakes?

No. However, you can hire a gas fridge to keep your beers and food chilled and many of the lakes and swims have a picnic bench where you can sit down to eat.

Q. How do we choose our swims?

Lake 1 are allocated on a draw basis which takes place at 10.00 prompt on the Saturday morning.
Lake 2 does not have a draw.
Lake 3 are allocated on a draw basis which takes place at 14.00 prompt on the Saturday afternoon.
Lake 4 does not have a draw.
Lake 5 are allocated on a draw basis which takes place at 12.00 prompt on the Friday afternoon

Q. Can you book for a long week-end?

Sorry, we only provide palces for a full weeks fishing.

Q. Can I fish an extra rod for catfish?

As long as you use 3 rods you can fish all for cats or for Carp or mix them up. Two for Carp and one for Cats. But it is three rods in total. You may use a coarse rod in addition to the three to fish for livebait.

Q. Is there electricity on the lakes?

On Bill's Lake 1, Bill's Lake 3, Bill's Lake 4 and Bill's Lake 5 we now have a solar battery and phone charging point on the lake where you can charge your boat batteries and phones etc. This is available f.o.c. and saves you having to give your batteries to Bill to be charged. Just remember to bring your chargers. On Bill's Lake 2 we have no electricity on site but we will willingly take your batteries/phones/e.t.c. and charge them f.o.c. or you can.

Q. Are the shops far away?

There is a local Hypermarket 5 miles from the lakes with a Mc.Donalds next door. These are closed on a Sunday.

Q. Can I buy cigarettes in the supermarket?

You will have to go to a Tabac to buy your tabaco products.

Q. Using my sat nav?

will need to print off the 10 steps to the lake available from the contacts page on the Bill's Lake web site.

Q. How do I order my bait?

Log in to your customer area and order your bait. We can always supply extra if you run out. All the particle has to be cooked from fresh so please allow time.

Q. Can I pay for things in Sterling when I arrive?

As you are in France all things must be paid for in Euros.

Q. Will I have to pay any toll fees?

Using an Auto Route nearly all the way to the lakes will cost you just over 25 euros for a car. More for a van or a car with a trailor.

Q. Do I have to leave my car in the car park?

No, providing the tracks are dry you can drive and leave your car behind your swim.

Q. Can I bring a gas cooker or BBQ and cook for myself?

No problem at all. Make sure the authorities don't see your gas bottle at the ports.

Q. Can I use Barbed hooks?

You can use whatever hooks you likeas long as they are not a bent pattern.

Q. Can I use leadcore or leaders?

No they are banned. We prefer you use tubing.

Q. If I fall ill is anyone able to help me?

We willingly help any client with trips to Doctors or Hospital. Translation and any help required.

Q. If I arrive early can I stay locally?

If you know you are going to arrive a day early we can arrange B&B accommodation for you. There are a few small hotels locally.

Q. Can I bring over my own Particle baits?

You may only use particle baits provided by us on any of the lakes. This ensures that the fish stocks are protected from incorrectly prepared particles.

Q. Do you have Disabled facilities?

We're sorry but we have no facilities for disables anglers (wheelchairs) we will reserve our flattest swim (Lake 1 Number One ) for people with disabilities but in the first instance please talk to us.

Q. Can I bring a guest with me?

You can bring a guest with you and for this we make a nominal charge for the week.

Q. Can I bring my Dog with me?

We do allow dogs on site (we have dogs) but these must be booked in before hand. They must also be kept on the swim and all mess cleared up.

Q. Can I fish the river any time I want?

You can fish the river during daylight hours only and only with a day ticket. These are available from us.
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