Fishing In France

How to book your carp holiday

It's couldn't be easier to book your carp fishing holiday in France to any of Bill's Lakes... simply follow these step and get your holiday booked today.

Step 1
Find Availability

First, search for dates when you want to come on holiday. Our online availability will display our live calendar so what you see, is what we've got.

Step 2
Register with Us

Second, once you have found availability just register your details or log in if your a current customer and select your holiday payment plan.

Step 3
Pay Online
pay online

Lastly, pay online via our French online bank and you're done... it's in English so don't worry. You can then order your bait, hire equipment and make any additionaly payments in your 'customer area'.

With our 5 superb French carp lakes to choose from and each one offering something a little different and all stocked with the same Bill's Lake quality fish. We are very easy to get to mainly by motorway and are only 200 miles from Calais or Dunkirk. You can be confident that your French carp holiday at any of Bill's Lakes is well established, well organised and most importantly well stocked with beautiful hard fighting big French carp.

Carp Fishing In France

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