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14 acres, 10 anglers carp to 72lb+

French Carp Fishing Bill's Lake 1 Bill's Lake 1
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French Carp Fishing

French carp fishing at this lake is 40 years old and is tree lined with a variety of willow, birch and larch trees surrounding its borders. The average depth of this lake is 9 feet, with a bottom of silt and gravel.

Although the bottom is uniformed you can find little drop offs and gravel bars where the fish tend to be caught from. Near one end there is an Island where many fish are caught from. There is no weed to talk about and no hidden snags to catch you out. The lake is fully fenced and secure and we are on hand daily either at the lake or by way of telephone should you need any assistance. We like to feel we offer a more "personal touch" to your fishing holiday.

Lake 1 Swims

Each swim for your French carp fishing experience has been sympathetically designed to make it as comfortable as possible to fish from and each angler has plenty of water to fish to. There is always the possibilty to move swims if required as not all the swims are allocated each week. Parking facilities are found behind every swim. The 5 double swims are equipped with an anglers shelter with picnic bench and solar USB charging (for phones etc). These swims also have a solid platform for BBQ's and fridge hire and come with weigh tripod and fish cradle.

Lake 1 Fish

The lake is stocked with mirror carp to over 72lb, commons to over 61lb and grass carp to over 61lb and we have many fish over the 50lb bracket. Fish of this size are not always easy to catch and we would class this lake as a medium to hard water. However...some anglers make it look very easy! Each week sees huge fish on the bank and most of our clients go away with new records.

Lake 1 Facilities

Super clean English style toilets and shower are available 24/7 at no extra cost and we now have a battery and phone charging point on the lake where you can charge your boat batteries and phones etc. This is available foc and saves have to give your batteries to Bill to be charged. Just remember to bring your chargers! We have an on site tackle shop selling all sorts of bits and bobs including a wide range of Sticky Baits products and also our wide range of Bill's Lake clothing.

French Carp Fishing

A popular feature at Bill's Lakes is the River Marne. This river is full of fish and shoals of Chub and Barbel can even be seen from the margins. It also holds some huge carp and cats for those who want to try. It requires a slightly different approach to lake fishing but carp gear will be fine to catch fish from the river. We sell permits at the lake for those interested.

Local Area Details
The shops can be found nearby with a Hypermarket and Mc.Donalds being only 5 miles away. We even have a local pizza shop that will deliver Pizzas and Kebabs direct to the lake!

Lake Location

Bait Prepared
We supply fresh particles at all of our lakes.
Fresh Particles

Equipment Hire
Hire a fridge to keep your food and drink ice cold.
Fridge Hire

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