Bill's Lake 2 - Carp Photos
3¾ acres, 4 anglers carp to 53b+


July 2015
Antony Roblins 20lb 9oz  using ra spice from
20lb 9oz
June 2015
Steve Trickers 20lb 10oz  using Pop up corn from
20lb 10oz
June 2015
Mad Big Noses 20lb 8oz  using Tiger from
20lb 8oz
May 2015
Bill Youngs 47lb  using n/a from Winter Swim
October 2014
Ad Worleys 47lb  using Quest Magnum White from The Fairway
June 2014
Ian Locks 44lb 4oz  using Krill from The Fairway
44lb 4oz
April 2014
Simon Clarks 39lb 8oz  using Sticky bait krill from The Fairway
39lb 8oz
August 2013
Matt Rayners 46lb 4oz  using Tigr Nut from The Fairway
46lb 4oz
August 2013
Matt Rayners 20lb  using tiger nut from The Fairway
July 2013
Matt Rayners 46lb 4oz  using Tiger from The Fairway
46lb 4oz
March 2013
Pete Knights 43lb  using fishmeal krill from The Fairway
October 2012
Tony Mabbs 43lb 12oz  using black ice from The Fairway
43lb 12oz
October 2012
Tonys 31lb 8oz  using b twist from The Fairway
31lb 8oz
October 2012
Tonys 26lb 9oz  using b twisf from The Fairway
26lb 9oz
September 2012
David Sackers 31lb 13oz  using Ace Baits Fish Frenzy Boilie from The Fairway
31lb 13oz
September 2012
Dave Sackers 38lb 3oz  using Ace Baits Fish Frenzy Boilie from The Fairway
38lb 3oz
August 2012
Bert Janssens 29lb 3oz  using strawberry from
29lb 3oz
May 2012
David Murrays 42lb 12oz  using BLS from The Fairway
42lb 12oz
May 2012
Craig Wings 30lb  using tiger and pop up corn from Beaches
January 2012
Wendy Mabbs 30lb  using b twist from Beaches

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