Bill's Lake 2 - Lake Facilities
3¾ acres, 4 anglers carp to 53b+



There is a fishing hut positioned on the grass fishing bank with picnic table and a gas fridge so you can cook and eat in comfort, It also has solar USB charging (for phones etc).


We have a Chemical Cabin toilet available 24 hours a day.

Tackle and Equipment Hire

We now have our own onsite tackle shop on Bill's Lake 1 where you can buy leads. You can also hire Angling Technics MK3 Microcat bait boats with batteries or even a bankside fridge and gas for the week to keep your food or beers cold.


We offer a range of bait that we recommend the use of on all our lakes. If you wish to use particles then these must be purchased from us. It's as cheap or cheaper and easier to buy this bait from us than bring it over. All our prepared particles are cooked fresh for when you arrive and supplied in buckets with snap seal lids.

River Fishing

A popular feature at Bill's Lakes is the River Marne. This river is full of fish and shoals of Chub and Barbel can even be seen from the margins. It also holds some huge carp and Cats for those who want to try. It requires a slightly different approach to lake fishing but carp gear will be fine to catch fish from the river. We sell permits at the lake for those interested.

Water and Battery Charging

We don't have onsite running water for drinking or electricity but we will fill your water carriers for you and drop them off at your swim and will charge your mobiles at home and bring them back to you.

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