Bill's Lake 2 - Fishing Tips
3¾ acres, 4 anglers carp to 53b+


We really want you to catch the fish of your dreams so here are a few tips for fishing carp lakes in France.

Our carp lakes in France get pressured time during the season. It sees a lot of different styles of fishing and many different presentations of bait and as you can imagine, some good some not so good! I am at the lake every day and see many, many fish being caught and generally it always seems to fall to the same tactics… KEEPING IT SIMPLE.

The most productive method on Lake 2 is by the use of a bait boat. This enalbles the bait to be positioned tight agaist the far margin of the lake. To cast this time and time again is very difficult and a boat makes it so much easier.Not all the fish come from the far side margins and at the end of the day it's an anglers own choice. The fish tend to be caught as the sun goes down and right through the night. The use of any good quality boiulie will catch fish and there is no need to use huge beds of bait. Little and often with the use of a little particle will bring you results!

Carp Lakes in France

Below is a list of tackle that we recommend you use when at Bill's Lakes to give you the best chance of catching and landing big French carp.

  • Rods - 2.5lb to 3.5lb test curve rods.
  • Line - 15lbs line mono, No braided main line. Make sure your spools are full up!
  • End Tackle - 2-4oz leads, size 2/4/6/8/ hooks (strong pattern e.g FOX XS/ Nash Fang ES).
  • Marker Rod - Make sure you know what your fishing over.
  • Safety Weigh Sling - Nash/Trakker etc.
  • Weigh Tripod - (Daiwa/Cygnet) .
  • Proper Scales - Rubens Heatons.

Bait Boat Hire 
We hire Angling Technics Microcat bait boats for the week with free battery top ups. The boats can be shared between two people but beware that the batteries are only designed for use with one person so they can run flat quicker than we can charge them!. Microcat boats are hired on a 1st come 1st served basis and we only have 3 so be quick!

These are excellent for all baits including particles. Features include...

  • Twin bait hoppers that can be individually or simultaneously opened.
  • Microprocessor controlled variable speed in forward and reverse - spins on its own axis
  • Remote lighting control - control the lighting at range
  • Weight : 9kg
  • Bait capacity : 2kg
  • Range: 600 m approx

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