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Bill's Lake 3 - Carp Photos
8 acres, 6 anglers carp to 73lb+

August 2014
Dave Adamss 20lb 6oz  using Maize from
20lb 6oz
June 2014
Steve Caigers 66lb  using Sticky krill  from Swim No 4
May 2014
Adrian Pollingtons 20lb 7oz  using XXX & tiger nut from
20lb 7oz
May 2014
Adrian Pollingtons  14oz  using Tiger Nuts from
May 2014
Odd (Norway )s 64lb 2oz  using Northern baits Krill from Swim No 4
64lb 2oz
March 2014
Mich Bingleys 42lb 8oz  using Krill from Swim No 4
42lb 8oz
February 2014
John O'brians 39lb 4oz  using sweetcorn from Swim No 3
39lb 4oz
November 2013
Andy Merifields 64lb  using BLS from Swim No 3
October 2013
Peter Hamertons 29lb  using Cell from Swim No 6
October 2013
Peter Hamertons 32lb 12oz  using Cell from Swim No 6
32lb 12oz
September 2013
Tony Mabbs 62lb 10oz  using Sticky baits Krill from Swim No 4
62lb 10oz
June 2013
Darren Gaunts 53lb  using Home Made from Swim No 1
June 2013
Darren Gaunt s 42lb  using Home made from Swim No 1
June 2013
Kevin Watkinson s 60lb  using Home made fish meal  from Swim No 4
May 2013
Robert Easterlings 56lb 2oz  using bevo LSD from Swim No 5
56lb 2oz
May 2013
Tommys 56lb 10oz  using BLS from Swim No 3
56lb 10oz
April 2013
Adrian Pollingtons 46lb 12oz  using Tigers from Swim No 4
46lb 12oz
April 2013
Adrian Pollingtons 40lb 1oz  using Tigger/maize from Swim No 4
40lb 1oz
April 2013
Adrian Pollingtons 33lb 12oz  using Tigers from Swim No 4
33lb 12oz
April 2013
Maurice Mastenbroeks 41lb 1oz  using Tuna boilie and fake mais from Swim No 3
41lb 1oz